Every quarter or so iSchoolApps.com.au (sometimes not as often), releases a new source code to keep up with the ever-evolving platforms we work with. Apple and Android both regularly update their operating systems, introducing new designs and features that urge the companies that work with their software to develop at the same rate, since "outdated" is essentially a death sentence in the tech industry. You’ve likely encountered the update question before, and below are some facts and tips that should clear up the conundrum.

Q: What’s the main benefit for my users? A: iSchoolApps.com.au NEW source codes have the most advanced features, design options, and capacity out there. When you update your app, you’re keeping it up-to-date and offering users a renewed experience. When someone sees an available update on their phone, they’re more likely to re-engage with the app to check out what’s changed and what it can offer them now.

Q: What’s the main benefit for our parents using an iSchoolApp? A: Beyond pleasing users and likely increasing your user base by doing so, you’re also aligning yourself with the pace of the industry. If you don’t want to update your apps on a quarterly basis, committing to twice a year is still a solid track. This means your apps are more likely to be fast, bug-free, modern in design and features, and overall more compelling to parents. At iSchoolapps.com.au we don’t force the issue on updates as there is a cost to the process, however some apps do require these updates. A quick guide is to look at your Message Tab, if you see List or Timeline at the bottom, you know its time to update !     


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mso-bidi-theme-font: minor-bidi; mso-ansi-language: EN-AU; mso-fareast-language:
EN-US; mso-bidi-language: AR-SA;">Q; From a technical standpoint, why is it necessary to update regularly?
A: As operating systems change, it becomes necessary to adapt, otherwise you’re left with obsolete apps that don’t perform well, if at all, on the more state-of-the-art devices out there. We try to keep you apps in the best possible shape, so if the update is required to your iSchoolApp, we recommend its done sooner rather than later!