It’s safe to say that Australia’s mobile smartphone revolution isn’t coming - it’s already here !

More than half of the Australian population now owns a smartphone and the recent Australian Smartphone Market Study 2011-2015 published by Telsyte predicts that by 2015 Australia will have 18.5 million smartphone users.

What this means is that your school’s community are already adopting smartphone communications … and so should you !

The next stage of the smartphone revolution, after smartphone adoption, is the growth in smartphone functions being utilised …. and that means apps.  Smartphones are driven by apps and the median number of apps per phone for Australian users in 2010 was already 25 apps! This is predicted to more than treble by the end of 2013.

The best way to participate in the smartphone communications revolution and to engage with your school community more effectively in the future is to create your own app.

Think Mobile. Think Mobile Apps. Think iSCHOOL Apps.

This video is the result of more than 30,000 interviews with smartphone users across 30 countries. What Google discovered about Australian smartphone usage is both revealing and exciting because iSCHOOL Apps make it easy and affordable for schools to participate in the smartphone revolution.

To see how an iSCHOOL App can put your school in the palm of your hand view the iSCHOOL feature video here.