Why your school should have an iSchoolApp to better communicate with Parents



In previous iSchoolApps blogs we have listed reasons why your school should consider having its own iSchoolApp. We look at some key points:

What is parental engagement?

Parental engagement refers to all activities that parents do to help their children succeed in school and life. It evolved everything from making sure to preparing them for school every day, to attending parent meetings and keeping up to date with what’s going on in the school.

  • Ensures parents actually get school messages. – Instead of parents missing texts or not receiving letters, a calendar and news app makes it easy to send push notifications straight to their iSchoolapp.
  • School Events are added to parents personal calendars – A School calendar and news app enables parents to add school events (such as parents evenings) to their personal calendars – which is a proven way to increase attendance (See iSchoolApps Events Calendar Article)
  • Engage those “hard to reach” parents – many of the schools who have adopted a calendar & news app so far have used the app to start forging those crucial relationships with parents that have traditionally not played an active role in their child’s education

Communicate only relevant information through simple group messages via the iSchoolApp CMS

The iSchoolApps Message features makes it easy for parents to filter only relevant information related to their child.

  • Allow Parents on their iSchoolApp to “SUBSCRIBE” to their correct message groups
  • Attach to your school Social Media


Provides Data to Help Improve School Communication

iSchoolApps CMS Screen Analytics

The iSchoolApp provides you with reports not only on the number of app downloads, but also an analysis of how your app is being used. This is such a powerful tool for you to constantly monitor and improve your communication methods. You’ll quickly be able to identify what works and what doesn’t so that you can continuously improve the ways you engage your audience.

Overall School Benefits of an iSchoolApp

The iSchoolapp offers an instant communication solution which can also be used to target specific groups, such as the parents of Year 3 pupils.  The calendar on the school website is linked to the app so both are updated at the same time (RSS FEED REQUIRED)

Once parents have downloaded the free app it is there on their phone no matter how often they change their handset or phone number. Now they no longer have to seek out the newsletter at the bottom of a school bag; it is on their phone as a PDF attachment which can be accessed at any time OR printed.

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