iSchoolApps - QR Codes in the Classroom

QR (Quick Response) Codes are a great way to engage students across all learning areas. Recently I decided to use QR Codes with my Year 7s to help them connect to websites quicker. This term during my iSmart Class (Library Information Skills) the Year 7s are learning about the information process to help them with research tasks, we have decided to focus on earthquakes for the first few weeks.

Our classroom consists of a Epson projector, 55 inch LG LED screen, Apple TV, WiFi and 34 iPads - the perfect research and collaboration centre. I thought I’d better explain the classroom dynamics before I continued any further.

I (like most teachers) was writing the recommended websites for a particular task up on the whiteboard (old school). I wanted the students to research about ‘The Ring of Fire’ and complete a worksheet. The students were allowed to use the iPads/Safari to locate information needed to answer several questions - I placed 4-5 good examples on the whiteboard.

This took up time and was also a hindrance to the students as they were constantly having to look up and down from their iPads and therefore slowing the class down. There must be a better way!

There is a better way! I created QR Codes and placed them in a Word Doc. Using the free website, I created QR Codes that would take the students (when scanned by a QR Reader) directly to the sites I needed them to visit. This was fantastic and the students loved it - no more “mines not working” due to typos! Each of the IPads had a QR Reader App installed and there are hundreds of free ones available for both iPad/iPhone & Android!

This simple and easy to create resource proved to be a huge success. It made the lesson run much more smoothly, students were on task and able to complete the activity with ease.

Stewart Crainie

iSmart/ ICT Integrator