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For every school you introduce that purchases an iSchoolApp Malvern Springs Primary School receives a financial reward so help your school by sharing this app with friends, family and contacts.

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Malvern Springs Primary School is in the North Education Metropolitan Region and is located in the north eastern section of Ellenbrook.

The school opened its doors in 2012 with 238 students in K-Year 6. The school is located in a quick growing community and in 2014, student numbers have reached over 600.

As a public school Malvern Springs implements the identified values, focus outcomes and strategic directions of the Department of Education. We aspire to be a school of excellence where students strive to achieve and be successful. We aim to develop students who are confident and positive in developing meaningful relationships and have an understanding that each individual is different. As educators in partnership with parents, our greatest aspiration is that our students will grow up to be adults who contribute positively to their world.

This iSchoolapp has been designed to provide information to parents, students, staff and the community.

- Simple Parent Communication
- Alert Messages
- School Planner
- Contact Us
- Absentee Form
- Download Forms
- so much more…