Instant messaging using your iSCHOOL APP ……. It’s Fast, it’s Simple and it’s Free Providing instant alerts to parents and other stakeholders has never been so easy.  Anything from a simple reminder about a form due date to an instant notification about a rained off sports carnival can be easily achieved in your iSCHOOL App. OK, big deal, it’s sounding a lot like a bulk SMS message alert which is already possible …. and it is. But here’s the catch.  Instant alerts or push notifications using your iSCHOOL app are "free". Whilst a single SMS message is relatively cheap, when you are sending hundreds of SMS messages per month then hundreds of small costs can quickly add up to a significant cost.  This is why instant alerts using your iSCHOOL app are a big deal.  Not only are they "free" but your message is pushed out immediately app subscribers. So here’s how easy it is to push notify or instant alert your iSCHOOL App subscribers.

  1. Log into your APPconnect platform
  2. Go to the Push Notifications
  3. Write your message
  4. Send

Voilla !   Your iSCHOOL App subscribers will all be notified instantly as soon as you press the send button.