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You may have noticed an error message when you attempt to share apps or post push notifications to Facebook via iSchoolApps.com.au Dashboard. Both issues are the result of a depreciated Facebook API version we use for posting.

Q: What’s the fix?

A: We’ll need to update our servers to the latest Facebook API.

Q: When is it happening?

A: That’s the trickier part. Upgrading servers is a delicate process that can lead to major issues when rushed, so we proceed with serious caution whenever we do so. We plan to tackle the project in the next month and will send out a dashboard message.

Q: What happens until then?
A: Until that point, no users will be able to send push notifications to Facebook or share apps to Facebook. We know this is a big headache for customers that utilise either feature on a regular basis. Please let your users know we’re working hard to get this resolved. Once we do, it’s an issue we won’t face again for a very long time.Q: Why did it break in the first place?

A: APIs are updated fairly frequently, so depreciated functions are just the name of the game. Like other unavoidable technical issues, it’s important to set users’ expectations and prepare them for these situations. Tech advances happen quickly and regularly, so unfortunately issues do too! We really appreciate everyone’s patience on this and will send out updates as soon as we make progress.

Regards Steven