Welcome back everyone, at iSchoolApps we thought we would show you some of the features that will be available on Android soon, this way you can see where we are going with the IOS Apps as well.

Key Features:

  • Message Tab - You can now select if you want the message to show on your screen
  • Push Notifications - The ability to "SHARE" the push Message
  • Social media - send Push notifications to Facebook or Twitter as a share message
  • Password Protection - completely password protect your app

Message Tab -

This allows the user to set up where the message icon will appear on their app front page, see the red circle….




Push Notifications - Share

Your Push Notification on your iSchoolApp can now be shared by your community and parents, just imagine its the Choir Singing outside of school hours at your local Library, the message can be sent to friends and family.



 Password Protection

Now you can password protect your App, this feature can be seen on the Android Preview App - Please login to the demoischoolapps, when asked use the username and password - demo




If you have any questions or need assistance please email or call, we are only to happy to assist in any way we can at iSchoolApps. Not all things work the way they should, so we have attempted to make this transition smooth as possible.

Android Apps will soon have all the updates, with Apple we are working on a solution which hopefully will not require  your App to be reset, but only the $50 republish fee, keep watching this space for more news and information.


Get your Facebook pages up and running, encourage your community to login and be ready….the messages are coming


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