In the tech driven world we live in today, it is shocking how many educational institutions still lack a means of mobile communication. Almost every other industry is stocked with mobile solutions and apps, but in education they are nowhere to be seen. This is about to change. Your students have smartphones, their parents have smartphones, as do you and your faculty. So why aren’t you putting them to use, why are they not using  iSchoolApps to build their own app?

An iSchoolApps for your educational institution will make the lives of your students, parents and faculty much easier. By streamlining every day processes such as attendance taking, parent/student notifications, reward system management, and much more, you can turn a typical school into an innovative tech savvy institution.

Push Notifications

•Implement an easy to use system for notifying students, parents, and faculty
•Manage your notifications across iOS, Android, Facebook, and Twitter
•Target specific groups of users based on the notification
•Provide users with easy updates and important information instantly
•Develop a reliable notification system

Loyalty Cards

•Implement a mobile system to reward students for activities such as attendance
•Manage your students’ reward activity via your mobile device
•Develop different levels of perks to better reward your most reliable students
•Provide students with an incentive to show up
•Increase student attendance and decrease attendance conflicts

Mobile Reservations

•Implement a reservation system for events such as parent teacher conferences
•Manage your appointments with a beautiful built-in calendar
•Receive notifications via email when appointments are scheduled
•Provide parents with easy appointment management
•Book more meetings and increase show up rates

Custom Forms

•Implement custom forms to gather pertinent information
•Manage mobile submissions via email
•Receive requested information from students, parents, faculty, etc
•Provide a simplified process for gathering information
•Build rapport with students, parents, and faculty

See examples below to build custom forms for your institution:


Ask why your school has not seen iSchoolApps, what would you do with an iSchoolApp?

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