FACEBOOK API update to iSchoolapps Notifications

  FACEBOOK API Update   You may have noticed an error message when you attempt to share apps or post push notifications to Facebook via Dashboard. Both issues are the result of a depreciated Facebook API version we use for posting. Q:... read more

PUSH to Parents with

    Push notes are one of the best ways to reach out to your ischoolapp Parents. Any school can benefit from them as they allow instant updates and consistent contact. I definitely recommend getting a little creative when trying to tailor a feature like push... read more

To Update or not Update that is the question?

Every quarter or so (sometimes not as often), releases a new source code to keep up with the ever-evolving platforms we work with. Apple and Android both regularly update their operating systems, introducing new designs and features that urge the... read more

When the Push Alert really matters!

  With your iSchoolApp, you have a range of functions. One of the greatest functions is that of the Push notification, the ability to communicate with your community with a simple push of a button (maybe not just one click). Recently in Western Australia we... read more