Subscription Push Notifications by   Subscriptions Let’s bring the idea of mailing lists into the mobile landscape! You can now create subscription categories through the Messages section of your dashboard. These categories will appear in a new menu within the app’s... read more

Does your educational institution have an iSchoolApps?

In the tech driven world we live in today, it is shocking how many educational institutions still lack a means of mobile communication. Almost every other industry is stocked with mobile solutions and apps, but in education they are nowhere to be seen. This is about... read more

Forest Crescent Primary School’s Mobile App by iSchoolApps

    Click to download now ! REWARD YOUR SCHOOL BY SHARING THIS APP WITH FRIENDS AND CONTACTS For every school you introduce that purchases an iSchoolApp Forest Crescent Primary School receives a financial reward so help your school by sharing this app with friends,... read more

iSchoolapps - Apple Developer Portals are down !!

      It happens every year!   Apple Developer is currently down for Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference. As a result, we’ll be unable to upload apps or submit push notification cert rebuild requests, since both require access... read more

iSchoolApps Change to Android Background Images This week we released an improvement to background image assignment for all newly published/updated Android apps! Q: What’s happening? A: From now on, Android apps will use the background images in the “iPhone 5/6” section (soon to... read more