The Email Form tab is a great solution for generating parent feedback, taking appointment/interviews requests, and gathering info from Parents in general.

The Email Form tab is a great solution for generating parent feedback, taking appointment/interviews requests, and gathering info from Parents in general.

  • Absentee Form
  • Permission Form
  • Excursions
  • Change of Details

You can select from field options, adapt existing options to meet your needs, and customize the design of the form to create your perfect submission form.
An alternate to the Email Form tab, the WuFoo Form tab, is a great option if you’re looking for more custom features than our native option offers.


1. In Step 1 (Functionality), click Add New Tab.

2. Create a Tab Title, select Email Photo Tab from the Tab Function drop-down, and choose an icon or upload your own. Save your changes. (You can change all this information later.)

New App Tab

3. Go to Step 2 (Content) and click on your new tab.

4. Click Add New Custom Form to get started.
Add new Form

5. A pop-up editing window will appear. Start by completing the Form Properties section, where you can control your form’s main settings.

  • Send To: Specify the email address you’d like user submissions sent to.
  • Form Title: Name your form. This will appear in the tab’s list view.
  • Description: Describe the purpose of this submission form for your users. Be specific! For example, “We love to hear from our clients. Please fill out this form if you have any valuable feedback about our services.”
  • Success Message: This is what users will see after they complete & submit the form.
  • Error Message: This is what users will see if they try to submit without completing all required fields.
  • Submit Button Label: This text will appear on the submission button.
  • Back Button Label: This text will appear on the back button.
  1. iSchoolApps Email Form CMSNext, move to the Add a Field section, where you can manage your form’s fields. Just click an option to add it, and you’ll see it appear in the left-side preview. Continue adding fields until you’re satisfied.Add Field

    You can remove a field at any point by hovering over or selecting it, then clicking the minus symbol that appears at the bottom right-hand corner.

    Paragraph Text Field

    7. Customize each field’s settings by clicking it from the left-side preview, or navigating to the Field Properties section. Different fields will have different properties to complete, so be sure to customize the settings for each one. (See examples below.)

  • Field Label: Set a title for this field.
  • Field Size: Set the width of the input field to small, medium, or large.
  • Required: Check this box if you want to make this field mandatory. (Users will not be able to submit without completing it.)
  • Guidelines for User: Provide field-specific instructions for the user. This will appear next to the field when they select it.
  • Choices: List the choices users can select from. This property applies to the Multiple Choices, Checkboxes, and Drop Down fields.
  • Currency Format: Select the appropriate currency. This property applies to the Price field.
  • Phone Format: Select a phone number format. This property applies to the Phone field.

Custom form with Fields
Phone Field Price Check Boxes Multiple Choice





8. After you’ve completed the properties for each field, click the Save Form button at the bottom of the editing window.

9. Return to the main tab screen. You’ll see your new form, with buttons at the bottom. You can use these options to:

CMS Icons for Email Form

  • manage form content and design
  • preview your form
  • view stats and user entries
  • delete your form completely


  1. Color SelectionClick the palette button to launch the Theme of the Form window. This is where you’ll customize your form’s design.

11. Begin with the Header, Body, Hint section.

  • Header: Select a header color using the Background Color palette, or upload/link to a header image. To upload an image, click Browse, select a photo file, and then click Upload. A hosted image URL will be created in the Background Image field. If you wish to delete the image, remove the URL from the field and click Apply.

Form Theme

  • Content: Select a background color for the form.
  • Hint: Select a font, background color, and font color for the hints that will pop up to instruct users on completing the fields.
  1. Move onto Labels. Select fonts and colors for the rest of the text on your form.Elements

    13. Finally, move onto Elements to adjust the fonts & colors for the Active Line (whatever field the user is on), Input Fields, and Submit Button. Click Save Theme Settings when you’re done!

    Form Theme

    14. You’re finished with your form! Now you can return back to the tab to preview your form, check on your stats, and view user submissions regularly. Remember, submissions will also be sent to the email address you input in the Field Properties section.

    Phone vIEW OF fORM

    15. Click the ENTRIES button from the dashboard to view all submissions. From here you can click the Download button to get a CSV file of all your entries.